AMS-2000 Users & Applications

Our high valued, long terms, wide range of users including all kind of industries, laboratories and else, including but not only:

User by Industrial (partial list)
  • Electrical Power Plants.
  • Chemical industries.
  • Food & beverage manufacturers.
  • Pulp & Paper industries.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Biotech industries.
  • Micro-Electronics Industries.
  • Research Labs.
  • Organic Labs.

Applications Info
  • Additives to steam boilers feed water.
  • White paper color control.
  • Control additives to Fuel oils/Gasolin.
  • Injection of aromatic additives in automatic filling process.
  • Mixing Aromatic material into liquid wax.
  • Small volume bottle filling.
  • Polymer dispense.
  • Filling coolant solvent into micro electronics testers.
  • Producing accurate hydraulic pulses - e.g. human blood pressure simulation.
  • UV Adhesive dispensing.
  • Silicon Grease dispensing for high and very high viscousity.
  • PI/PID flow control according external parameter.
  • Semi-automatic titration.
  • Else.........
We will be pleased to support your special demands!

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