Our Products

Basic product is the AMS-2000 Systems for Tiny Flow Control. The systems based on unique ceramic piston pumps which provides accuracy of better than 1%* equipped with accurate motor & control system.

Basic AMS-2000 system provides "all in one" solution.

  • Local Batch control dispense.
  • Local continues flow control.
  • Remote synchronized Batch control dispense.
  • Remote continues flow control.
  • Internal timer operation mode.

  • As standard, unit has Auxiliary input to activate process alarm which will stop system run in case of parameter malfunction (e.g. low level at feed tank or discharge pressure high, etc.)
    System provides Run & Alarm feedback for remote indication.

    Optionally you can have calibrated output pulse for remote flow indication.
    Optionally you can have RS-232 or RS-485 communication with MODBUS or ASCII protocol to manage system and have all flow data, totalizer data etc. in remote computer system, or to send to internet.

    Basic Systems & Products
  • Industrial Version
    Control Panel
    Pumping Unit

  • Laboratories Version
    Control Panel
    Pumping Unit

  • Accessories
  • Special Tubing Parts
  • 1/8"O.D.x1/16"I.D. Tubing PFA
  • 1/16"O.D.x1/32"I.D. Tubing PFA
  • Low Dead Volume Fittings